I’ve recently released my new book Blender 3D For Beginners: The Complete Guide Book. This is my first book ever! Feels kind of good to be an author, lol. This book was made over 3 months and some of the content was released on this book as part of the Blender Beginner Tutorial series. Since a lot of people request that they want a PDF version of Blender tutorials instead of video tutorials, I thought I’d try my hand and make a book.

The book is now live and on sale on Amazon.com. If you are a complete beginner to Blender (or even to the world of 3D and CGI) and want to get up to speed with it, then this book will help you do that without making you go crazy. I’ve written the book in a way that hopefully makes sense, and doesn’t have any of that technical jargon stuff. I cover everything from how to navigate Blender, to modeling, shading, lighting, texturing, rendering, video editing, compositing and so on. There are 16 chapters and 118 pages with some easy exercises that you can try yourself. By the end of the book, you will feel more confident using Blender to make your own 3D animated movie (or whatever else you wish to use Blender for).

There are other beginner books out there, but I wanted to make it short and easy-to-follow. I remember when I first started out with Blender, I really wanted a short guide that got me up to speed with Blender without having to read a whole textbook. So if there’s someone starting out and feels the same way, I hope this book helps you!

Here is the link to buy the book:

The Kindle version sells for $4 and the physical book sells for $25 (couldn’t make it any cheaper due to printing costs).

Since it is my first book and I’m playing around with authoring books and such, I really want to know what you guys think of it. For the next 5 days, you can get the Kindle version of the book for FREE! No catches! It’s yours to keep! All I ask is if you could leave an honest review of the book on the Amazon page as that will help me! But you’ll have to hurry get it before this Saturday though, since I can’t extend the free promotion on Amazon. So get it quick! At least just get it now, and dump it somewhere on your hard disk so you can read it later, lol.

I really hope this book will be of use to you and help you learn the basics of Blender as quick as possible!