In this Beginner Blender animation tutorial, learn the basic workflow needed to approach Character Animation!

The process of Character Animation can seem so confusing at first! A lot of beginners tend to just fire up Blender, load in there character and then animate aimlessly away hoping that their final product will be epic. I used to do this as well (especially for my first film!). The truth is, character animation requires a lot of patience and you shouldn’t even touch Blender or any other 3D software until you are REALLY, REALLY sure what you’re final actions will look like! The video explains the process in more detail but I’ve provided a summary of the steps required to creating your next character animation masterpiece! (NOTE: This workflow is based on something I’ve learned over the years and gotten used to.. This can help you as a guide but you may later on find a better workflow than mine as I am still in the process of finding better ways to character animate 😉 )


Here are the very high level steps to character animation in Blender:

  • Planning
  • Blocking and Refining
  • Polishing


This is REALLY basic for now. I hope the video doesn’t confuse you too much (especially if you are a beginner!). It’s one of those things that you sort of just “get” over time. A lot of the stuff was very confusing to me when I first started as well. I did question how doing some of this stuff would actually give me better animation but until you actually go in and animate, you will understand why these steps are essential.

character animation

In a later video down the track, I’ll show you an even better, more defined workflow than this. In fact, here is a more advanced workflow that mainly targets games and feature films. I haven’t attended/purchased the course but based on what I’ve seen in the preview video, we will be using some of these techniques later on. This video is just to help you get started to understand the world of character animation as this may be really new to some of you!


I hope you learned something from the video. Thank you for watching and please feel free to drop a comment below if you need help with anything 🙂