One of the most confusing things about Blender, especially as a Beginner, is finding out which of those keyboard shortcuts to use!

If you are a beginner Blender user, you may find it a little (ok, maybe a lot) daunting navigating your way and doing something useful. While you don’t need to rely on them, Blender keyboard shortcuts can help you speed up your workflow and get projects done quicker. But memorizing all those keyboard shortcuts can be a real pain when all you want to do is just make your next 3D masterpiece. If you were like me, and just got frustrated with learning all this stuff and got to the point of quitting. Wait a second! You don’t need to worry about it anymore!

Thanks to the infographic below from, you can now print this out and stick it on a wall next to your computer. That way, you never have to wonder which key to press anymore to do something as simple as changing to the camera view. This infographic provides a “cheat sheet” if you will, of all the important Blender keyboard shortcuts! This can make your Blender experience just that bit more enjoyable!

Infographic from

Infographic from

This shows you all the Blender keyboard shortcuts to do everything from 3D object manipulation, View manipulation, sculpt mode settings, setting up materials using nodes in Cycles, grease pencil and render settings. It pretty much has almost all the essentials to do everything in Blender. The one thing that it misses perhaps is animation shortcuts.

I found this infographic on Tumblr and soon found it went viral on social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. I guess this means that a lot of newer Blender users find this very helpful.

I hope you too find this Blender keyboard shortcuts infographic useful as well and let this be your perfect start to learning everything about Blender!