Progress Update – 20% done!

Just to give a brief progress update on my latest animated short film “Uyir”, everything is coming along smoothly. I’ve finished creating most of the characters (still need to create some of the secondary characters), and I’ve pretty much completed set and environment modelling! So far, it’s all looking as good as I need it to be.

FINALLY I think I’m ready to start animating! This is my weak point, so I will be gathering as many learning resources as possible and try to find a way to tackle character animation. There will be a couple of complex animations in this film. There will be a scene where Uyir is kidnapped by 3 guys and carried into a van. I think the carrying part is going to challenge me big time. Kinda feeling nervous about this.. I’m feeling confident about the story though, so I think at least that might save me if the animation goes wrong. I’m considering purchasing the ‘Animator Survival Toolkit’ book to help me learn better about character animation.

There are 3 scenes in this film in total and I hope to get the first scene done within a month. I will be utilising the renderfarms as soon as the scenes are complete. It doesn’t look like the film will see the light of day this December, and I might have to delay it by at least 2-3 months, but the film is progressing quite fast, so who knows..

Here are some render stills from the film so far: