Welcome to my new website! This website was built as a supplement to my main website thilakanathanstudios.weebly.com. My main website is used to sort of showcase all the stuff that I’ve done. I will be using this website as my main blog. Here I will throw everything I’ve learned and some cool tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way in my filmmaking journey. This will be a sort of process diary of everything I’m doing and all the stuff I’m learning. I aim also to create articles, news, tips and tricks that will help you learn about 3D animation, filmmaking, rendering and so on and I’ll be posting everything assuming minimal understanding. In other words, I’ll try not to use too much jargon and keep the explanations simple!
I mainly create all my animated films using free software. I use Blender as my primary 3D software and video editor and sometimes I compose my music using the free LMMS software. I also use the popular free painting software GIMP (the free alternative to Photoshop) for image editing. I’m not a professional or a qualified teacher in any way and will just be using this blog to share some of the stuff that I’ve learned and pass it along to anyone who could benefit from it.
Sometimes I keep forgetting how to do something that is probably really simple, like how to set up a fluid simulation, and hence I could refer to my own blog to help me remember from time to time. It’s like those personal workbooks I used during school to help me remember those maths formulas no-one uses when I got stuck or when I tried to cheat in tests (I joke, of course!). Except with filmmaking, there is no exams (thankfully) and I can use this blog as my cheat sheet.
As misleading as my title probably is, I hope I can make this blog awesome enough that aspiring 3D filmmakers with no formal background/education in animation or filmmaking can benefit from this. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you guys to carry out your own 3D animated film!