The Garden Asset Pack


Effortlessly create beautiful and realistic 3D backyard renders with this Epic Pack!

What is it?

The Garden Asset Pack is a library of 3D models containing everything you would need to create a garden environment straight out of the box.

There are 50+ models (which are all textured) that you can import straight away into Blender and have it ready to render in minutes.

Why Should I Buy This?

  • 50+ realistic 3D models at a very affordable price which are all set up to look good when rendered with the Cycles rendering engine in Blender.
  • All 3D models conveniently grouped so importing them to your Blender scene should be a breeze.
  • Free lifetime updates. In other words, any new assets that are added to this pack will be free for you, forever!

Push your renders to the next level…

A number of different tree and bush models that you would typically find in a backyard. There are 8 models in this set.

Product Showcase! Here’s you what you can potentially make!