10 Things You Should Do To Create Awesome 3D Environments

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Have you ever attempted to create a 3D environment and found that your final render falls a little bit…flat? Most likely, you may have missed an important step in your scene creation process. Here are 10 things you should focus on if you want to give your 3D environment the best chance of looking awesome and get one step closer …


Stylized Modeling vs Photorealistic Modeling: Which One is Better?

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There are two main types of 3D models: Stylized and Photorealistic. Let’s have a look at the difference between the two and when you should use them. Stylized Modeling A stylized model is a model that can be visualized as the real thing. The human species are generally quite intelligent and can recognize familiar objects even if they look far …

rendering in Blender

Introduction to Rendering in Blender

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In this beginner tutorial, you will learn how to render stills or animations in Blender! Quick links: Introduction | Interface | Properties | Navigation | Modeling | Shading | Texturing | Lighting | Sculpting | Animation | Particles | Physics | Rendering | Video Editing | Compositing Rendering in Blender is very easy. If you want to render a still, press the Render button in the Render panel or just press …