How To Switch Cameras in a Blender Animation

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Sometimes one camera is not enough and you want to work with 2 or more cameras in a scene. This tutorial will teach you how to switch between cameras during an animation in Blender. If you’ve ever put on the director’s shoes and want to showcase your new animation with awesome cinematography, you may have come across a small problem: …

rendering in Blender

Introduction to Rendering in Blender

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In this beginner tutorial, you will learn how to render stills or animations in Blender! Quick links: Introduction | Interface | Properties | Navigation | Modeling | Shading | Texturing | Lighting | Sculpting | Animation | Particles | Physics | Rendering | Video Editing | Compositing Rendering in Blender is very easy. If you want to render a still, press the Render button in the Render panel or just press …