How I Started Making Animated Short Films! PART 1

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All throughout my childhood I really enjoyed watching animated films and I guess it hasn’t really stopped. It started with Toy Story, then it was Finding Nemo and even now, as a fully grown adult, Avatar. There’s something about animated films that I loved in comparison to live action films. It might be the fact that we are able to …


Monkaa – Comedy Animated Open Movie

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Here is an animated short film by Weybec Studio and Blender Institute called “Monkaa”. Everything here was made using only free software such as Blender and GIMP. A very well made comedy animated film. You can also download all the project files and tutorials on! Produced by: Weybec Released by Blender Institute, in Blender Cloud and the e-store …


Free Environments For Your Next Film!

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Hey Blender users! Your next animated feel-good short film can be much easier! Here are some scenes you can use for free in your own Blender projects! Whether it be games, movies, 3D artwork, visualisation, YouTube videos or anything else, you are FREE to use it in any way you wish. The licence is CC-BY meaning you’re free to use …


What “Uyir” is all about!

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“Uyir” will be my 4th independently made animated short film after “Theevan”, “Vetri” and “Tripping”. The main goal of this short film will be to improve on my previous flaws, character animation and story. I think I might have actually developed a good story but whether the screenplay will live upto it is another story altogether. If it pulls off, I’m a little …


Quick Tip: Blender Cloth Simulation in 5 minutes!

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In this Quick Tip post, I’ll show how to quickly set up the Blender cloth simulation so that you can use Blender to create cool-looking cloth animation. Cloth animation can enhance the realism of your characters and create a more lively scene. Not only for characters, but any object made out of cloth can benefit from cloth movement, such as …