Creating an Animated Short Film for Beginners – Free eBook for limited time!

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Animated Short Film eBook is now available! As a follow up to my previous book, I am now giving away (for a short time) my latest eBook teaching beginners the process of making an animated short film. Learn the process that goes into making an animated short film and how you could approach …


Creating an Animated Short Film

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Making your very own animated film nowadays is possible and many are doing it with zero budget (including myself). In this post, I’ll outline the general process in making an animated short film! Hopefully, this inspires you to make your own animated short films one day! There are tons and tons of animated short films being made in recent times. …


Sam – The Animated Short Film

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Check out the animated short film ‘Sam’! The film uploaded to YouTube on May 9th is nearly reaching 2 million views! The film’s creator Mickael Bonfill suggested the film to me when the film was only a few thousand views. I was impressed with the story and the visual quality of the film. I especially liked the special effects that …


How To Create a Simple Chair in Blender

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In this post, I’ll show you step-by-step how you can model a simple chair in Blender. This can be used in any of your scenes. Step 1: Open up Blender and select the default cube. Step 2: Scale the cube to fit the size of the seat. Step 3: Go into edit mode and duplicate the cube via Shift+D and scale …


Uyir – Animated Short Film Progress 20%

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Progress Update – 20% done! Just to give a brief progress update on my latest animated short film “Uyir”, everything is coming along smoothly. I’ve finished creating most of the characters (still need to create some of the secondary characters), and I’ve pretty much completed set and environment modelling! So far, it’s all looking as good as I need it …


Free Environments For Your Next Film!

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Hey Blender users! Your next animated feel-good short film can be much easier! Here are some scenes you can use for free in your own Blender projects! Whether it be games, movies, 3D artwork, visualisation, YouTube videos or anything else, you are FREE to use it in any way you wish. The licence is CC-BY meaning you’re free to use …