How To Become An Awesome 3D Modeler (Especially if you’re starting out!)

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So you want to become an awesome 3D Modeler? Do you want to make 3D models like the pros? Over the next series of posts, I will show you some helpful ways to become the best 3D modeler you can be! Get Inspired! Well firstly, you’ll need motivation and inspiration. There are many ways to get inspired to do 3D modeling. …


Stylized Modeling vs Photorealistic Modeling: Which One is Better?

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There are two main types of 3D models: Stylized and Photorealistic. Let’s have a look at the difference between the two and when you should use them. Stylized Modeling A stylized model is a model that can be visualized as the real thing. The human species are generally quite intelligent and can recognize familiar objects even if they look far …


3D Modeling For Beginners: The Comprehensive Guide To 3D Modeling eBook

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If you are interested in doing 3D modeling and don’t know where/how to start, fear not as I’ve released a new book called 3D Modeling For Beginners. This book will help you get started with modeling in 3D and you will learn some important concepts about 3D modeling as well as some of the popular techniques which you can utilize …

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Modeling a Low-Poly House in a Simple Way – PART 2

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Here is part 2 of the video walkthrough demonstrating how to create a suburban house scene. In this video you will learn:   How to put finishing touches to your house Texturing and shading the house Create a scene using the house! If you haven’t already, here is PART 1 if you haven’t already created a house model!


How To Create A Fence In Blender

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Ever wanted to create a suburban fence? In this tutorial, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to model a realistic wooden suburban fence that you can use for your own backyard scene! Step 1: Fire up Blender. You should see a default cube. Step 2: Select the cube by right-clicking. Step 3: Scale the cube to look like …