Creating an Animated Short Film

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Making your very own animated film nowadays is possible and many are doing it with zero budget (including myself). In this post, I’ll outline the general process in making an animated short film! Hopefully, this inspires you to make your own animated short films one day! There are tons and tons of animated short films being made in recent times. …


Free Renderfarms for Blender

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The Blender community is lucky to have many free renderfarms. This makes it far more easier for individual users like us, to create more ambitious projects such as our very own animated short films. This post will show you different free options for Blender renderfarms. A renderfarm can be visualized as utilizing the power of many computers to render your …


How To Build and Model a CG House

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This post will show you the steps required to model and render your very own house model! Creating a house is one of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects aspects of 3D modelling. There are many different styles of houses you can create. There are rich houses, poor houses, cartoony houses, scary houses, and so on. First, start out by …


Different ways to create trees in Blender

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There are many different ways to create trees in Blender. In this post I’ll show you a couple of cool ways you can create trees for your own scenes! Blender provides us with many different options to create trees, each having its own benefits. This makes the process of building trees a lot simpler compared to having to model a …