Free Renderfarms for Blender

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The Blender community is lucky to have many free renderfarms. This makes it far more easier for individual users like us, to create more ambitious projects such as our very own animated short films. This post will show you different free options for Blender renderfarms. A renderfarm can be visualized as utilizing the power of many computers to render your …


Different ways to create trees in Blender

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There are many different ways to create trees in Blender. In this post I’ll show you a couple of cool ways you can create trees for your own scenes! Blender provides us with many different options to create trees, each having its own benefits. This makes the process of building trees a lot simpler compared to having to model a …


Is it possible to make an animated short film for free?

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Short Answer. Yes! It’s 2014, anything is possible now. As long as you have the patience and that artistic vision, creating animated short films are easier than ever before! There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on graphics software anymore. There are tons of free software out there that make the process of creating your very own animated short …


How I Started Making Animated Short Films! PART 2

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Once I entered Uni, I was itching to go back and fulfill my dream of making an animated film. I then did proper research. After reading many software reviews and the features it contained, I decided to settle with the software I promised I would never look at again… Blender! I saw some user images and was awestruck with the …


How I Started Making Animated Short Films! PART 1

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All throughout my childhood I really enjoyed watching animated films and I guess it hasn’t really stopped. It started with Toy Story, then it was Finding Nemo and even now, as a fully grown adult, Avatar. There’s something about animated films that I loved in comparison to live action films. It might be the fact that we are able to …